Motorcycle race

8 pieces of advice on how to bet on motorcycle racing

Just like many other sports, motorcycle racing attracts gamblers. The idea is to gamble money on the outcome of a race, which after all is an unpredictable event. However, betting is both an art and a science and if you want to try your hand at it, you should be aware of some motorcycle race betting principles. Here is what you should know, whether you are betting for the first time or you are a more experienced gambler:

1. Know the sport you are betting at

We all experience what is called beginner’s luck, but one eventually runs out of it and starts seeing the downside of gaming or gambling. Although race outcomes are unpredictable, there are some factors that influence results and you should be aware of as many as possible if you want to be successful at betting. Choose one or two motorcycle racing types in the beginning and find out everything about surface type, winning criteria, length of race, competitors, and their past performance. In time, the information will start adding up into your mind and you will use every single tip or new finding to make betting-related decisions without even realizing.

Motorcycle race

Motorcycle race

2. Check betting advice resources

There are websites offering betting advice for various sports, from soccer to winter sports. Subscribe to these websites or add them to your feed. You will get updated advice and new facts in the field every day.

3. Follow betting experts on social networks

There are people who make a living by building an online community and sharing expert information on social networks. Hit “Follow” whenever you see a betting expert with thousands of fans online and you will have insight available from these professionals on a daily basis.

4. The history is repeating itself

Get informed on the history of motorcycle racing and read about previous events and how fans would bet. This is also a part of acquiring that know-how that helps you make the right betting decisions. The intuition that can make you bet on the right competitor may come from recognizing a similar situation from the past.



5. Understand what odds are

There are three types of odds – the European format (decimal odds), the UK format (fractional odds), and the American format (moneyline odds). So, if you want to understand the information provided by bookmakers, you need to get informed on how the different outcomes are expressed. The more people who bet on a player, the more chances of seeing them win, but also the lowest the amount of money you get. Betting odds simply tell you how likely it is for an event to happen and also inform you on how much money you can win. A simple and comprehensive guide is available here.

6. Find a local or online sportsbook to bet at

If you are a beginner with betting, it is recommended to learn the trade by using the services of a single sportsbook first. Having to deal with the different rules of different sportbooks will make you feel confused. If you prefer online casino websites, choose one which is safe - preferably carrying the Play Okay symbol, . If you look on Google for online sportsbooks, the first results are usually the most reliable and the least flooded with spam and advertisements. Also be careful about scams and never give your personal identification information to a website you haven’t verified yet. Some sites don’t allow you to browse until you provide a credit card number upfront, and this is the kind of website you should avoid.

Betting shop

Betting shop

7. Learn about those outside factors

Like any other sport, motorcycle racing can be influenced by outside factors that are not directly linked to the race itself and its competitors, such as the chances of getting injured, bad weather, or the desire to revenge on another competitor.

8. Gamble responsibly

Betting on motorcycle races outcomes can lead to addiction, like any other type of gambling. Many people make the mistake of increasing the amount they bet just because they have won a few times and feel confident. Keep in mind that unique huge amount wins are very rare and profits are made overtime. Some basic rules to follow are never gambling money you need to pay bills, using money you have left from regular expenses, and saving money in advance for gambling purposes. Betting for large motorcycle events with multiple races can require saving money months in advance and carefully planning your bets.

Sports betting

Sports betting

Your betting behavior depends on what you expect from this activity. Some do it for the thrill of the game, in which case you don’t need to learn too much about it, but just remember to not get carried away and spend too much money on gambling, while others try motorcycle race betting to make money. In this case, take it seriously and learn as much as possible about gambling and probability. Brushing up your math will help as much as finding out details about motorcycle competitors.

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