Mini Moto Madness!

Mini Moto Madness!


Mini Motos has been in the UK for about ten years now.

Our first bike rocked together with the spare parts that were readily available. Small 2 stroke engines, mainly from garden machines, were used. Machines of this type are still in use today for some models and are referred to as ‘industrial’ machines. But now the mini moto has been given a makeover and has taken off in popularity.

The Mini Motos are true miniatures of their larger Super motor cousins. All the details that go into today’s high-performance motorbikes are overlooked. Sleek tires, race replica bodywork, and “super bike” colors all present. Even though they are usually only 15 to 18 inches tall and weigh 35 to 55 pounds, it can be hard to tell they aren’t full-sized when looking at them from a distance. The thickness of detail adds to their ‘coolness’ and is certainly what has lifted them to such heights of popularity.

Despite their beauty, Mini Motos goes far beyond the scaled model of being beautiful.

Advanced engineering has catapulted them to high performance levels at a slightly outrageous price. European companies such as Blata and Polini sell units for £ 1200 – £ 2000 but the cheaper and arguably less reliable ones are made by the Chinese manufacturer and cost £ 180 – £ 400.Most models have a two-stroke, 47cc engine, running on a combination of gasoline and two stroke oil. Even though an awkward looking position was required to mount one, they were sheer joys to mount. The short wheelbase and overall low weight give them lightning-fast turns and the thrill of riding so fast and so close to firma terra is intoxicating. Safety measures are a must when driving a Mini Motos. Gloves, elbow pads, knee pads, leather suits and helmets must all be worn for every trip. Without them, road rashes were quite possible and worse injuries were possible.

Despite this small miracle size adults get them for their children but more generally, for themselves. Normal models can regularly go 35mph, all though parents can set them to maximize at a much slower pace or … modify them to be faster. In addition, models with more powerful engines are available. The GRC RX with a 15hp 50cc engine by GRC Moto can be purchased for just £ 1999. The Mini Moto boom shows no signs of ending any time soon and the MM racing league has been training in the UK for about seven years now.

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