Forzo Motor Sport – Combination of Challenges

Forzo Motor Sport – Combination of Challenges

Forzo motor sport is a game that will have many fans coming back for more. It is a game that can please avid gamers and people who are new to racing car games. It has amazing graphics and a huge line of cars complete just waiting for someone to take them out for a spin.

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This racing game has more than 230 cars to choose from. It gives you a lot of options and different types of games. While no two cars are designed the same, choosing a different one will give your race a new edge. And while you can develop a few favorites, discovering new cars and experimenting with different features will again, change the course of the races.

There are also over 60 manufactures to choose from. So if you have preferred a particular make or brand of car, or have always wanted to try a certain brand, then you have come to the right place. There’s a decent mix of street courses and real race tracks from around the world.

Forzo motor sport offers the greatest racing simulator available. Also, there is a sophisticated feel to this game with a list of classy cars and games with detailed high-tech graphics.

There are various skill levels available throughout the game. Your car can provide traction control, anti-lock brakes and stability management. You can also set precise brakes and turns as needed because the car is moving heavy under your feet and brakes fast too. The realistic feel of the car will make you feel like you are really driving.

A useful new feature called ‘suggested lines’ allows you to access relevant information relating to your race. It tells you via a series of colors (red, green and yellow) where and when to brake and how to take your turn. It also helps you to accelerate at every corner of any track. It’s also dynamic enough to give play around different cars and their abilities. When you become very good at racing and comfortable in the car you can start to ignore the lines and do what you want.

The driving controls are flexible and sensitive.

You get all the information regarding car damage, engine, tire temperature, and camera views around the car. This driving model is the best found on the Xbox 360.

The sound track on this game is disappointing to most. With a short line up of songs, you’ll be better off turning off the sound for just pure distraction. However, with the ability to download your own cd to the Free Articles console, you’ll want to do it fast to really enjoy your racing.

You can upgrade the parts in your car to increase performance and can change the configuration of the decal and paint color for optimal racing. You can make your car as unique as you want for your own driving pleasure.

Some people find that Forza motorsports are not enough courses to go with the game. They feel that some racing car games have more tracks to choose from and that these games don’t hold up much in this area. That combined with lame music is my only complaint. Most people agree that this game does a great job of mixing challenges for a wider variety of players and user-friendly modules for new players racing.

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