Top 5 motorcycle brands

Top 5 motorcycle brands

Motorbikes are one of the most important means of transportation anywhere in the world. if you are looking to buy a motorbike, get acquainted with the top motorcycle brands first.

In our market today choosing a motorcycle is quite challenging. This is because various brands of motorbikes to choose from. If you want to choose the best and highest quality motorbikes, you must learn about the top motorcycle brands. In the world of motorbikes they are a well known and trusted name.

There are various motorcycle companies in the world.

They are there to feed your need for speed and performance. Several of these companies have been in this industry for decades. These companies are highly respected and favorite by motorcycle enthusiasts. They understand your desire to just hit the open road, feel the wind against your skin as you sail down the road. That’s why these top five companies were born to give you what you want in motorbikes.

Every motorcycle owner has his or her own favorite brand. These are the top five motorcycle brands:

Harley-Davidson- this is an American motorcycle brand and was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1903. Harley-Davidson are two of the major American motorcycle brands that survived the Great Depression. This motorcycle brand is known as Harley.

Top Brands

Yamaha- This motorcycle company was founded in 1887 by Torakusa Yamaha.

Companies from making musical instruments to electronic equipment. In 1955, Yamaha began manufacturing motorcycles. Their bikes were quickly adopted by the riders and since then, Yamaha bikes have been winning races.

Ducati- This motorcycle brand is known for its high performance sportbikes and street bikes using the L-Twin engine.

Honda- This motorcycle company is new to the motorcycle industry. The company started producing motorbikes in 1982. Although new to the industry, they have made an impact in the world of motorbikes. They became famous for producing good motorbikes in today’s world market.

Kawasaki- In 1960 Kawasaki motorcycles joined the industry and since then, this Japanese base company made their name in the world market. They produce good quality motorbikes. They were able to make their company one of the largest motorcycle makers in the world.

These are the top motorcycle brands that produce quality, high-performance bikes. Each one is well-known for its own sake and gas has produced a bike to suit every rider’s desire for adventure.

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