2009 MotoGP World Championship Will Have New Circuit

2009 MotoGP World Championship Will Have New Circuit

Since its inaugural season back in 1949 the motorcycle racing competition has brought us excitement, action and many surprises throughout the year as the Moto GP which is the main event of the racing category continues to grow and gain territories around the world.

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This time; The MotoGP racing calendar starts in the first weeks of March and ends at the end of October in the beautiful city of Valencia in southern Spain. Other than that; The World Championships take place at 18 different sites around the world among which we can name; China, the United States, Malaysia, Australia, Japan and several European countries such as Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, England and Germany. Recently there have been rumors about the possibility of adding to the sights listed above because in the country Hungary could be the next new circuit for the 2009 calendar.

The landlocked country surrounded by Ukraine, Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Austria and Romania has started a process with FIM representatives to have their new construction circuit at Balatonring host next year’s MotoGP Grand Prix. The estimated cost of the circuit is £ 63 million and the project will open with a capacity to accommodate 110,000 to 140,000 spectators. The last time Hungary welcomed one of these races was more than 16 years ago in Hungary close to Budapest.

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Another fact that will surely help Hungarians to earn this place on the calendar is that there are plenty of sporting followers in Eastern Europe who would not hesitate to travel near their country to witness such an important motorcycle display; especially with the under 125cc category of motorcycles that have been running there for a few years now.

This new site will replace the Provisional China Gran Prix; news that took many of us by surprise because the proposal made by Hungary was to add new circuits and expand the calendar instead of substituting the current one. However; in the last four years only four races were run on the Chinese circuit therefore the decision was over soon. For now the calendar will continue to hold only 18 races but most dates and venues will change as Japan will host the races in April and the Portuguese races will take place in early October at Estoril. Therefore, do not apply since the designated calendar date will not end until the first week of November with the traditional closing event at the Ricardo Tormo on the Valencia circuit; The season finale is very much expected for most MotoGP fans.

According to the MotoGP calendar this year the next race will take place in the Czech Republic on August 17, and will consist of a total of 22 laps. This is one of the shortest MotoGP races along with the Qatar, Shanghai, Mugello and the Sepan Grand Prix in Malaysia.

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