This site is dedicated to Pat Savage, which is a highly charged band that can be found rocking the stage at various different venues in the city of Durban in South Africa. Pat Savage is famous all around the world for the outgoing style that combines an enthusiasm for motorbikes with drumming. This passion is reflected by fans of Pat Savage, who often turn up on their motorbikes blasting out rock music.

Visitors to this site will be able to learn more about Pat Savage and some of the things that make it so special. Both dedicated fans and those who are just getting to know Pat Savage are sure to find a lot to keep them amused and entertained right here on this site.

There are numerous interesting and informative articles that can be found on this site, and taking the time to read these articles is a great way to brighten up otherwise dull moments in your life. Of course, these articles have been written mainly for entertainment purposes and therefore they reflect the interests of Pat Savage fans as closely as possible. In addition to information about Pat Savage and upcoming gigs, visitors of this site will find articles on motorbikes and related topics, rock music and guides to South Africa.

The South African guides are sure to be particularly useful to the fans of Pat Savage who are taking a trip to Durban to catch a concert. Get ready to rock and turn up the volume as Pat Savage is getting into gear on a stage near you.