Top Wireless Headphones Reviewed

Bluetooth headphones are becoming more and more popular and represent the next evolution in headphone technology. As you know, the problem with any earphones or headphones is the cable, which gets tangled whether you’re wearing the buds or not. It also gets snared on clothes or whatever when you are wearing it. Bluetooth headsets seem to solve this tangled cord problem. Especially, the portable Bluetooth headphones are now better than ever with stronger performance, improved designs and better battery life. These devices also have more compelling features than you’d find just a couple of years ago. However, to choose the best Bluetooth headset, you need to consider carefully some factors including call quality, noise cancellation, comfort, range, mono vs. stereo sound, and price.

As time went on and the small ‘headphones’ continued to endure, companies began to carefully alter them into high-quality, audiophile-worthy cans. Modern earbuds are available in soundproof, wide-frequency settings, and offer comfort rubber grips that form and morph to meet the shape of your ear.

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For the very best quality and for those who have the money to spare, we go back to Shure with their E5 series. These are the best of the best and headphones they better be at prices upwards of The dual driver design and precision audio, along with extra comfort features make these the best canalphones that money can buy.

Many people complain about a loss of the lower frequencies with ear canal headphones. This is usually because of quality of the seal in your ear canal. If the seal is better and tighter then the lower headphones frequencies wont be able to sneak out so easily. This is why many companies offer different sizes foam tips because just like anything else on us weird humans our body parts are all different some people have bigger ear canals than others.

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The earbuds come with 4 different interchangeable ear tips, so you are bound to find one that fits snugly in your ear. Some triathletes have small ear canals and some have ears large enough to jam a corncob into. What? Yea. One size does not fit all and the Momentums know that.

Retro Ladybug Padded get wireless headphones for tv: If your a vintage type gal, these are the ones for you! These headphones are available for purchase at and retail for $30.00. These can be used in conjunction with your MP3 player, tv, and stereo. This is the perfect gift for that special girl that is head over heels with vintage accessories!

sennheiser rs120 headphones reviewThe JayBird Gear BlueBuds X earphones are small and lightweight in comparison with other Bluetooth in-ear headphones. They offer three different-sized silicone buds and come with three “wings” that are designed to keep the earphones in place during workouts. The devices also have an inline remote and microphone for making calls. However, the biggest feature of the BlueBuds is its Bluetooth wireless-streaming capabilities. The JayBird Gear BlueBuds X earphones are available for $169.00.

These ear buds are soundproof, and you won’t hear anything with them in; you can listen to them while on a plane or mowing the lawn and you will be secluded in your own audio-rific world.

Runner’s wants that their sports headphones smaller in size so that they can easily be fitted into their ears. You want the light so you do not carry around extra weight, when you do. If you’re a runner who likes to run in cold, and then buy some are small enough to fit under the cap.

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